Alisha has always known she was meant to be a helper. Pursuing this passion early on in life, Alisha studied Psychology and Philosophy, and went on to achieve her Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services. Once her spouse returned from a two year deployment, Alisha knew there were other ways to help serve people, that she wanted to explore. Everything aligned beautifully, and the very weekend after a friend said, “why don’t you look into energy work,” Alisha started the coursework to obtain her Master Teacher certificate in Reiki. Not finding the right niche to incorporate energy with her traditional educational background, Alisha created and founded Empowered Psyche. The whole idea, name and logo, came to her in a prophetic dream in December 2015. Over the years, Alisha has continued studying and gaining certification in multiple energy modalities, such as Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, and 13D Master in New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation (NPMDT). She is currently working on her Master Clinical Aromatherapist degree.

Another facet of Alisha’s calling is working with animals, both on earth and in spirit. So of course, her life of service would not be complete without incorporating animals into her sessions.

Combining all her passions, Alisha, as an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, loves to connect and offer support for you, and your animals!

When she is not ‘working,’ Alisha enjoys spending her time as a dog mom and auntie, doing crafting, woodworking, oil blending, writing books, teaching classes, and traveling.