Alisha has created several essential oil blend collections to enhance your wellness in between your sessions. You can purchase these products by supporting Minnesota Makers, or by contacting Alisha directly. 

The I AM rollerball collection is great for gifting and travel. How do you want to feel today? I AM grounded & calm, cool & relaxed, vibrant & energized, soothed & serene, clear & breathing, happy & uplifted, and empowered. 

The Latin spray collection is ideal to use as a room, linen, body, and powder room spray. The available blends are Arbor, Citron, Flor, and Mentha. 

Also available as sprays are seasonal blends, and the ever popular Defense blend. Defense is great for immune support, and also to spritz on the outside of your mask. It is not a sanitizer, as it contains no alcohol. 


If you, or your business, would like to collaborate with Alisha to create a signature essential oil blend, she is more than happy to do so! In creating a signature blend, Alisha connects with her intuition, using the intention you have set with her, and then expertly creates your exclusive custom signature blend. 


If you would like, you can also order oils and products from doTerra


Other ways to connect with Alisha are taking her classes and workshops, offered in partnership with Minnesota Makers. Alisha and Christa have offerings that range from mandala rock painting, crystal grid intention setting, mala necklaces, essential oil blending, and others! Also available is the co-authored book, Create Your Happy, walking you through a thoughtful combination of their most popular crafting classes, and journaling, to support you in creating your own happy.