Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Alisha, combines her gifts of intuition along with multiple energy modalities to bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Empowering you to align with your highest, most divine good, her guiding principles are spreading light and love. Connecting with your spiritual support team and I AM presence, Alisha always sets the intention to channel in the most meaningful messages and transformative energy for you, and your animals. 

As an empath, the messages come to Alisha in the form of emotions, feelings – both emotional and physical, visions, and some phrases. What makes sessions with Alisha different and so special is her ability to meaningfully relay these emotions and feelings that come through for you. When connected with your animals, it is similar to a three way phone call. Everything your animal is projecting, Alisha is communicating to you, and everything you are saying, is being heard by your animal. Given that energy knows no boundaries, Alisha is also able to connect with animals that have passed on, and are now in spirit form. 

During your session, to effect even greater insight and change, Alisha can channel energy to you, or your animal. This can help to gain mental and emotional clarity, and support the body to begin its return to optimal health. Oftentimes, if spiritual, mental, or emotional concerns are not addressed, they can begin to manifest as dis-ease within the body. Energy work can help to ease these symptoms, and bring the body, mind, and spirit back into balance. 

Some clients prefer to focus on intuitive guidance, others prefer more energetic support, some have questions for their animals, while some need a little bit of everything! Alisha is able to incorporate her multiple gifts to curate the most transformative and meaningful session for you! 


If you are excited for your session, you can schedule now, or contact Alisha via email or phone 651.503.9627 


Distance phone sessions are available on Sunday and Monday 8-8, Thursday 10-6, and Friday 8-4 (CST). 

In person sessions are available on Sunday and Monday 8-8 (CST) at Phenix Salon Suites, suite #127, 6819 York Ave S, Edina, MN 55435, in partnership with DNK Skin.


.5 hour session $33, prepaid 3 session package $88 – great for a couple questions or as follow up from a previous session

1 hour session $66, prepaid 3 session package $177 – perfect for addressing 3-5 concerns or to check in with a couple animals

1.5 hour session $88, prepaid 3 session package $233 – receive in-depth insight and/or energy work for yourself or multiple animals

2 hour session $111, prepaid 3 session package $299 – ideal for re-evaluating life choices, diving deep with transformative work, and best choice for combining intuitive insight and energetic healing


Please download and fill out these forms prior to our initial appointment.

human intake form     OR     animal intake form     AND     client bill of rights