“Getting Reiki is awesome!” Avrie, 8

“I felt very comfortable with Alisha, and deeply enjoyed the experience! I made a connection with her instantly, and loved sharing our thoughts when it was over. I felt the heat come through Alisha’s hands immediately, and felt my body respond right away. I saw colors as I felt the energy moving through me. I could feel my body respond throughout the entire experience. It was energizing and calming at the same time. I feel fantastic!” Laura, 36

“Before we even began, Alisha made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She described very well everything she was doing. I felt so relaxed and light when the session was complete. I had this session done prior to a surgery. I am confident it will aid in a quick recovery.” Amy, 36

“Alisha quickly established a safe affirming environment allowing me to describe areas for potential energy work. She was thorough in explaining what to expect and allowed me to choose if there were areas of touch that might leave me uncomfortable. Alisha even discovered a blockage we had not discussed but needed clearance. The receiving of Reiki was relaxing and left me feeling positive and open to the possibility of healing and renewal.” Mark, 66


“I’ve always wanted some way to communicate with my fur babies, other than them listening to me ramble on about MY life! Working with Alisha was such a breeze and she really hit home on each one of my dogs personalities:) This is something any animal lover will enjoy! I can’t wait for her to communicate with them again! THANK YOU!!!” Dani

“Thank you Alisha, I’m sure you’re used to being told how amazing what you do is!
I can’t thank you enough. I’ve told Lily the changes I was going to make based on what you were able to find out in your session with her and it’s made a difference. She seems more confident that no babies will be taken away from her ever again as they did with her past owner. She gathers all of her little stuffed animals (that she believes are her babies) and puts them in her bed and sleeps with them. I’m so glad she knows she can count on ME and that I am her person forever.💖” Mary

“Alisha was able to really spotlight each of my dogs personalities through her communication with them. She was even able to connect with the energy and spirit of my dog who passed away last year. Her unique ability is simply amazing and I am thankful that she was able to help me get a better understanding of who my dogs are!” Camille

“I have too much to say so I will make it short, I would like to share my experience about Alisha regarding not one of my dogs but two, One I have now Charli Girl and one that had passed away too soon for me Otis.
I am the fourth home to my Charli girl and had questions I wanted answered in my own mind without telling Alisha any information other than what I knew about my girl which wasn’t much, she was able to answer questions and make light on ones that I didn’t know I had until she read her. She is a very quiet dog that likes to be home with us yet be by herself, Several things where said. Because of this reading I was so touched by it all that for a gift my niece had my dog Otis read, I think I cried for an hour after reading about him and how he felt about being with me on Earth and how he is doing now etc.
It has been hard to get over the loss of my Best friend (It’s been ten years) and now at last knowing my little friend/Fur Baby is ok I can finally let go.

I have never experienced a physic before and I am truly amazed at what a gift Alisha has. I am so impressed I have given her information to several friends and coworkers.” Michele